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Integration of EV charging stations into existing public lighting infrastructure.

Innovative concept

Innovative concept

An open and innovative approach will allow exploitation of the most developed public infrastructure and drive changes in its standard and outdated use, but more importantly, it will start creating electric vehicle charging stations at every corner and in every street, at the most convenient locations, at lower costs.

Lower installation costs
Attractive design
Convenient Locations

Expanding an EV charging network

Since there is a lack of EV charging stations in general, and a huge amount of financial resources are needed to expand an EV charging network, integration into public lighting infrastructure proved to be a good solution without major investment in infrastructure. By that, we will increase its utilization, especially during the day, resulting in reduced construction and installation costs (without costs of digging, cables and laying cables, leasing power, etc.)

Smart city solution

In addition to the electric vehicle charging station, our product will include other smart city solutions. Below are possibilities of exploitation of public lighting infrastructure, some of which will be integrated into our advanced EV charging station.

  • EV/EB charging stations
  • Wireless control
  • Environmental sensing
  • „Push-to-talk”
  • WiFi and Mobile
  • Digital street sign
  • RGBA notification
  • Image sensing

Who we are

We see the transition of the automotive industry to electric vehicles as an opportunity to realize the entrepreneurial idea that builds new opportunities in development of smart cities. Since public lighting infrastructure is well developed and not used during the day, we believe that integration of EV charging stations into the existing public lighting infrastructure will provide better availability of needed charging infrastructure and stimulate environmental demand and interest. Our ambition, expertise and experience will ensure that this project attracts and justifies the confidence of potential investors, partners and customers. We want to bring future to our cities, and thus, we will fight for it.

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